Summer is the season of sandals, beach days and manicured nails. As such, many people want to promote nail growth and make their nails grow faster so they can try out different styles of manicures. However, the myths surrounding nail growth are numerous, with facts being found few and far in between. 

When it comes to nail growth, the sad truth is that there is nothing you can do to promote nail growth. Even though there are many myths to promote nail growth, ranging from rubbing garlic on your nails to soaking in orange juice to applying vitamins directly to the nails, unfortunately none of these help. The reason applying anything to the nails does nothing is because nail growth originates from the nail root, which is under the cuticle. When new nail grows from the root, it pushes out the old nail, which means that by the time it is long enough to apply anything to, the nail is already dead. 

While you cannot do anything to promote nail growth, you can certainly take some steps to make your nails healthier and less brittle. Research shows that certain vitamins and minerals including biotin, iron, and vitamin B12 are important for nail health and keep them from cracking prematurely. By taking supplements containing these nutrients, you can keep your nails healthy. You should also keep your nails moisturized by regularly applying lotion and vitamin E to your nails. In these ways, even though you may not be directly promoting nail growth, you can technically promote nail growth by keeping your nails healthy and safe from wear and tear.