How to Stop and Kill a Nail Infection

Nail infections are quite common and can come in many different forms. There are however quite a few ways to avoid or to tackle them.

  1. Keep nails and feet both clean and dry. This means properly. Often we dry our feet and nails carelessly because we are in a rush or find it tedious but it is important to dry in between the toes as well to clean away any particles present. Furthermore, moist feet are attractable to fungi so the likelihood of forming an infection is high if moist or unclean.
  2. Go barefoot. Although contrary to many antifungal studies, you may and should go barefoot BUT at the appropriate times. For example, when at home merely relaxing or in bed kick off your socks or shoes and let the air circulate around your feet. This is especially important for those who have sweaty/clammy feet.
  3. Get in the sun! Fungi dislike sunlight, they prefer dark and damp areas. This is due in large part to the drying power of the sun. Sunlight dries up most liquid, including the sweat or water on the feet. As a result the moist surfaces that fungi thrive off of will dissipate and so will the fungi potentially.
  4. Change up your footwear. Many of us have a pair of shoes that we prefer to wear more often than others. This can be harmful and cause serious problems including athlete’s foot and nail fungus. If you need or prefer to wear the same pair for work, gym, or whatever reason think about purchasing more than 1 pair so that the shoes have a chance to breath and air out. Another good idea is to purchase a shoe spray or powder to help disinfect the shoes after each use.


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