How Your Shoes Can Cause Nail Fungus

Anything that comes in contact with your feet has an impact that could either cause a fungal nail infection or help avoid/treat one. Shoes are no different and play an important part in the health of our nails. Since most of us wear shoes or some sort of foot coverage almost daily, it is important to understand the impact of our shoes and to make sure we are taking the necessary precautions to avoid any foot or toe infection as a result.

Firstly, the size of the shoe is probably the most important aspect of the toes in correlation to nail fungus. If your shoes are tightly fit and do not allocate enough toe space, this could lead to a nail infection. When the toes are overcrowded not only does it cause trauma and pain to the nail, it may also cause the toes to sweat and thus provide a perfect environment for fungus to thrive off of. The best way to avoid such an issue is to get your feet measured and feel the outside of the toe box portion of the shoe to see if the toes have enough room or to close to the top. You can also do so by simply getting a feel for the shoe and walking around in it to detect any discomfort.

The shoes are not only crucial for avoiding a nail infection but are also important that the comfort and space can impact the circulation of your feet and the circulation in the shoe itself. When there is enough room in the shoe it keeps them fresh, dry, and odorless. Furthermore, if you want to be extra careful, look for shoes that contain natural materials; leather is a good example as it allows the feet to breathe.

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