Ingrown Nails During Pregnancy

During pregnancy our bodies go through a lot of changes to help prepare for another life developing within us. Sometimes these changes can not be beneficial to either us or the baby and are the result of our body over preparing. Our nails are one such area that tends to over prepare during pregnancy.

Because our hormones are heightened during pregnancy, the nails tend to grow much faster than normal. Often times we will see the nails to become brittle, have grooves or ridges, or dark streaks may develop. When this happens, because the feet are swollen the skin surrounding the nail are swollen as well, making your nails more susceptible to growing/curving into the skin, resulting in an ingrown nail. This can occur both during pregnancy and postnatal.

The best way to avoid this is to trim the nails periodically, making sure they are trimmed to the same hieght of the skin and cutting them straight across. You also want to wear shoes and socks that are not too tight, not adding any extra pressure to the feet or toes.

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