What happens when you trim your toenails too short? Well you are setting the stage for an ingrown toenail! Sometimes when we’re trimming our toenails we tend to taper the corners so that the nail matches the curve and shape of your toe. But this technique may encourage your nail to grow into the sides and skin of your toe. What happens then is that the nail can curl down and dig into the toe. Also, if you are shoving your feet into shoes that are either too tight or too short, that’s another sure fire way of getting an ingrown toenail.

Having an ingrown nail may make your toe hard, tender, inflamed, and tender. If left untreated it may become infected causing severe pain. You can get an ingrown nail on any toe but it is the most common on our big toes due to experiencing more trauma and stress than our other nails.

Ingrown toenails are not always easy to notice. In fact, you may not always feel pain or see swelling or redness of any sort in some cases. It is important that if you see the nail beginning to fold under your skin to realize that this could be a sign of an ingrown nail.

Some individuals, such as diabetics or individuals, who have a condition that restricts the blood flow to the feet, are at a greater risk at obtaining an ingrown toenail.

In most cases, you can treat the ingrown toenails yourself, however if the case seems to be extreme or very sensitive and there is a significant pain or discomfort, it is best to contact a doctor or specialist in order to avoid potential complications and to provide information on how to alleviate pain.