Interesting Facts About Your Fingernails


  1. Children and pregnant women are more likely to get ingrown nails.

This is due in large part to the hormones during pregnancy. They cause the nails to grow much faster, similar to children. Children’s growth development is much higher than that of an adult, including the nails.

  1. Fingernails grow twice as fast as the toenails do.

An astonishing four times faster! Your feet are farthest away from the circulatory system in your body. There is a far better blood supply that reaches the fingers which keeps them growing, since they are closer to your circulatory system.

  1. Your nails grow faster in the summer season.

Vitamin D of course! The sun is out far longer in the summertime than any other season and for that reason so are we. The vitamin D that we obtain from the sun helps increase nail growth. Moreover, we also tend to hydrate more with water in the summer which helps flushes out toxins and makes the body healthier, thus allowing stronger nails to grow in.

  1. Your fingernails grow faster on the hand that you favor.

This is an odd theory but basically it is because your dominant hand has more micro trauma compared to your non dominant hand. Microtrauma essentially means injuries to the body, so since your dominant hand has gone through more injuries, it repairs itself faster.

  1. Your middle fingernail grows the fastest of the others.

Both the length and rate in which your nails grow is correlated to the length of the bones in your fingertips. Therefore, the middle and index fingers grow faster than that of the little finger.

  1. Your nail growth slows down as you age

This is pretty simple one. With age comes a slowness and pausing of many things including nails, hair, bone density, etc. Cherish your body while you’re still young!

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