Is There Any Effective Treatment for My Nail Fungus?!

If you suffer from nail fungus, about 50% of you have likely tried almost everything and anything you can think of to treat your nails. This is one of the most common things we hear from our patients prior to getting laser treatment. Be it topicals, oral medications, home remedies, you name it, you have probably tried it. Pre-modernday technology, these were the only options available for those who have a nail fungus, however in the last couple of decades laser has been a new source of treatment for a multitude of health concerns, including nail fungus removal.

Although topical medications should be tried first, they typically do not treat nail fungus’ that are in their latter stages. In other words, if you have had a nail fungus for a significant period of time or are showing extreme signs of a nail fungus, then a topical treatment will likely not work for you. Moreover, oral medications were always recommended by doctors and were thought to cure the nails but modern studies prove this to be untrue. Oral medications, such as lamisil, only have a 60-65% curate on average and have extremely harsh side effects on the organs, requiring frequent blood work to be done. As of late, laser treatment is not only the safest treatment option to eliminate your nail fungus, but it is also the most effective treatment option there is, having a curate of 85% after just one treatment.

So to answer the question of effective treatment options, yes, laser is the most effective treatment option there is, and if you find that the one treatment has not worked then one more treatment is more than likely to eradicate this problem from your life.

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