Vinegar is a liquid product of the fermentation of alcoholic liquid that contains roughly 15% acetic acid and is often used in cooking to flavor or preserve foods, or as a cleaning agent. The acidic properties of vinegar make for a good disinfectant that can be used to slow nail fungus growth and is a common home remedy for infections because it can be found in nearly any household kitchen. 

Vinegar can be used to treat a  variety of fungal infections such as 

  1. Athlete’s Foot 
  2. Foot Odor 
  3. Warts
  4. Dry Feet
  5. Nail Fungus

More on fungal infections can be found here. Prepare your vinegar foot bath:

  1. Begin by diluting the vinegar by  mixing a ratio of 1:2 of vinegar and water as a base. If the strength is not enough and you are not noticing results, increase the concentration of vinegar by adding more. 
  2. The odor of vinegar disappears after it has dried. You may also add essential oils to alter or lighten the strong scent of your bath 
  3. Soak for as long as you’d like, and rinse with water after. Be sure to fully dry your feet after your soak. A common way nail fungus can thrive is from moist and dark environments! 

Since vinegar can only slow fungus growth it is not able to eradicate the fungus and therefore improve the appearance of the nail. To truly extinguish nail fungus from your nails you might need proper treatment, be sure to consult your podiatrist for options. To learn about more effective treatments for nail fungus that are effective in killing all of the fungus can be found in our blog here.