Since the laser nail treatment has established in 2009, it becomes alternatives to traditional methods such as oral or topical treatment. PinPointe FootLaser is one of the first lasers that treat nail fungus. The PinPointe FootLaser targets the fungus in and under the nail, so the laser light passes through in and under the nail without damaging the surrounding skin.

Laser Nail Treatment is:

  • Quick and safe

  • Studies prove the results

  • No side effects

  • No harmful radiation

  • No pain

How many treatments required?

  • It takes ONE treatment to treat nail fungus. It is very important to know techniques to take care of your nails. Since the fungus is present everywhere in the environment, there is a change of reinfection if you do not treat your nail correctly.

How Treatment Goes

  • A consultation with a doctor before the procedure

  • The procedure takes less than 30 minutes.

    • There is no pain during the procedure. Some people may feel a warm sensation or prickly feeling.

  • Doctor teaches you how to prevent reinfection of your nails

Before procedure

  • It is important to remove nail polishes before the treatment

After procedure

  • No recovery period. You can resume the normal activity immediately.

  • Wear a clean pair of socks. Throw away the old ones.


  • If you have Health saving account or medical IRA, 100% of cost could be covered. However, in most situations, the procedure is considered cosmetic, and therefore health insurance does not cover the cost.

Who developed the PinPointe FootLaser?

  • Leading scientist and medical professionals working together for 20 years. The funding was provided by the National Institutes of Health.