Laser Therapy: A Closer Look at the PinPointe Foot Laser ™

Laser Therapy has been used effectively for almost ten years. The FDA first approved of the therapy in 2010. The PinPointe Foot Laser ™ was the first to be approved in the US as well as Canada. Toenail fungal infection is hard to treat and are likely to return if not treated effectively. Laser therapy is a non-invasive, safe, effective and painless. Patients often report the sensation of warmth in the treatment area. Through the FDA’s clinical study their results found the PinPointe Foot Laser ™ effectively cleared the look of the nail 6-12 months post-treatment. There are other brands of lasers available, but when looking at the PinPointe Foot Laser researchers found improvements in the appearance of the nail in as few as 90 days. Another study found that patients experienced approximately 80% improvement on all nails treated 6 months post-treatment. Clinical trials with Laser therapy continues to improve the quality and effectiveness of the treatment. For now, Laser therapy for onychomycosis appears to be a strong competitor with oral and topical drug treatment options.

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