Laser treatment is an FDA approved option to treat nail fungus. It is proven to successfully eradicate nail fungus infections in both the fingers and toes. Although the most common option for people is anti-fungal oral medications, many try to avoid it. Oral medications come with harmful side effects such as liver damage. To be able to get rid of nail fungus, people have turned to laser treatment. Laser treatment has a higher success rate and is also much safer than taking pills over long periods of time. 

There are different types of lasers used for this type of treatment. However, the PinPointe FootLaser has been proven to have an 85% success rate after one treatment session. This is why we use the PinPointe laser here at Laser Nail Therapy. 

Using energy in the form of heat, the laser targets the fungal spores under the nail and between its layers. Once they are applied with this heat, the microbes are killed. However the effect of fungus on the nail are still left behind after the treatment so you will need to let your nails grow out. From then on, your nails should be growing out clear and all you need to do is cut off the old nail. 

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