Most Common Causes of Ingrowns

Infections of the feet and toes have become a more commonly known problem among generations. About one third of the population suffers from some sort of foot issue. One of the more common foot issues is an ingrown nail. Ingrown nails can occur on both the toes and fingers and can cause a lot of pain and discomfort. With that, there are many ways an individual can develop an ingrown nail.

One of the more common ways to develop an ingrown is through frequent perspiration of the feet. Men and those who are athletic especially have this problem. The perspiration causes the skin to become moist and causes the nails to be able to more easily grown into the skin, thus causing an ingrown nail.

Ill fitting shoes is another problem which can cause ingrown nails. The pressure and uncomfortability from improper fitting shoes can also cause the nails to grow into the skin.

Improper trimming of the nail can also result in an ingrown toe or finger nail. If you tend to cut your nails in a curved or rounded manner rather than straight across then you are may be increasing your chances of a nail becoming ingrown.

Fungal infections are also commonly correlated with ingrown nails. When the nails have an infection already developed the the nails are already more susceptible to becoming more infected as well as the surrounding skin.

Lastly diabetics are prone to developing an ingrown nail. For one reason or another the weakened immunity that occurs with diabetes prevents the nails from being healthy and tends to cause nail infections.

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