When you learn about how common it is to catch toenail fungus (10% in the general population, and up to 50% in seniors), you may be alarmed and worried about catching toenail fungus yourself. In this blog post, we will address some of the most common places where you can catch toenail fungus, so you can avoid those places or take the necessary precautions. 

Many people catch toenail fungus at public pools, gyms, saunas, and locker rooms. These are moist environments that allow fungus to grow and thrive, and when you walk around barefoot the fungal spores can get onto your nail bed and cause nail fungus, especially if you have any cuts or wounds. In these places it is recommended to wear flip-flops as opposed to being barefoot to prevent catching toenail fungus. 

Another place people can catch toenail fungus is at the nail salon. Many nail salons are guilty of reusing instruments, nail polish, and foot baths on hundreds of customers. This means that when one of their customers are infected and these tools are reused on other customers, all of these customers are now at risk of catching toenail fungus, and they often do as well. If you want to visit a nail salon, you should visit one that sterilizes their equipment in a medical-grade autoclave or uses fresh instruments on each customer. Otherwise, you should bring your own tools and nail polish to be used on you. 

People can also catch toenail fungus due to lifestyle choices. If you wear shoes without socks, or repeat socks or shoes often, you are creating a moist environment from your sweat in which fungus can thrive and then infect you. The same goes if you do not properly dry your feet after washing them. If one of your family members already has nail fungus, you too can catch toenail fungus from them if you share shoes, nail clippers, and towels. 

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