Nail fungus is often considered a cosmetic infection. This is because people with toenail fungus will often look at their feet and see a variety of unusual looking symptoms without experiencing any pain, especially at first. Some of them just cover up their feet and almost pretend like they don’t even have a nail fungus infection. Others aren’t so lucky.

It is true that the most common symptoms of toenail fungus are purely cosmetic. This is why insurance companies consider nail fungus a cosmetic infection. Spots and nail discoloration are some of the symptoms that people tend to see. Their nails can get thick and become distorted, but even then they may not feel any pain. They may see one of many other cosmetic symptoms as well, all of which insurance companies use to keep their customers away.

But as many people can attest to, toenail fungus symptoms can go beyond just the cosmetic issues. Some people really do experience actual foot pain as result of their nail fungus. This pain can be anywhere from mild and occasional in some people to severe and continuous in others. In addition, some people with nail fungus will smell a terrible odor coming from their toes. These people will not only be afraid of other people looking at their toes, but will also want people to stay away from their feet entirely.