Healthy nails should be smooth and have consistent health color. As we grow older, nails may become brittle or develop ridges. Some people may develop abnormalities on their nails, such as spots, discoloration, and deformities. These abnormalities may be caused by injuries, infections, or medications.

Here are common nail abnormalities:

Beau’s lines

These are depressions that run across your nails. It may be a sign of malnourishment. Conditions such as measles, pneumonia, peripheral vascular disease, diabetes or zinc deficiency cause beau’s lines.


This is when your nail is thickened and curve around the tips. Clubbing usually takes years to develop. It can be a result of low oxygen in the blood. It is also associated with cardiovascular diseases, inflammatory bowel disease, liver diseases, pulmonary diseases, and AIDS.


This refers to the little pits that show up on the nail. It is common in people with psoriasis. In cases of psoriasis of the nails, the nails can appear white and opaque due to the build up of skin between the nail and the nail bed.


This is when the nail separates from the nail bed. You will see a white discoloration due to the gap between the nail plate and the nail bed. The separation may be due to trauma or an infection. This may also be caused by psoriasis or thyroid disease.


This is the most common nail condition in adults. Also known as Nail fungus, this occurs when there is an overgrowth of fungi in the nail. The fungus causes the nail to become thick, deformed, and discolored. This is common in people above the age of 60 and people with diabetes or conditions that affect the immune system and blood circulation.

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