There are lots of different ways to become infected with nail fungus. Despite what some people think, anyone can become infected, no matter how old or healthy you are. With that said, health does factor in to whether you might become infected with nail fungus. The healthier you are, the less likely you are to become infected with nail fungus. And when it comes to health, injuries play a role as well.


If your finger or toe gets injured your nail will no longer be as healthy as it should be. It does not matter if the injury is major or minor. If you get your foot run over by a car you are obviously going to a have much greater chance as becoming infected than someone who just cuts one of their toes, but you both have increased your chances of becoming infected with nail fungus.
Injuries to the foot or hand without nail fungus infections are bad enough. But they will usually go away on their own. Nail fungal infections will not. They always require treatment, no matter how much you will hope that they just disappear. As a result, it is very important for you to be extremely cautious when you think you may have a greater chance of becoming injured. If you enjoy playing sports such as soccer, try to think about your own safety before scoring that final goal. You might have a great feeling winning the game, but your happiness will turn into frustration if you end up with nail fungus.