Some people find themselves getting nail fungus again and again, or find that their entire family gets infected with nail fungus at once. Why is this? The truth may lay in the fact that fungal spores are lurking in secret corners of your home. Here are the four most common places where nail fungus can originate from in your home: 

  1. Carpet: Carpets create dark pockets in which fungal spores can grow easily, especially if your carpets are damp. Most people tend to either wear shoes in their homes, which can dredge in dirt and pathogens from outdoors, or walk barefoot in the house, which can deposit nail fungus in the carpet. Coupled with the fact that carpets are not deep cleaned particularly often, many people end up catching nail fungus from their carpets. 
  2. Towels: Towels are another place that nail fungus can thrive. Towels are often damp for hours after use, which creates the perfect environment for fungus to thrive. Most people only wash their towels every week or every other week, but the ideal frequency of washing is every other day, with hot water. 
  3. Linens: If you are sleeping barefoot, nail fungus can be transferred from your feet to your bed sheets. While there is nothing wrong with sleeping barefoot since your feet need time to breathe, make sure to wash and thoroughly dry your feet before bed, and wash your sheets with hot water every week. 
  4. Nail Tools: Intuitively enough, your nail tools – including nail clippers and nail files – can collect a lot of debris and fungal spores, thereby acting as an origin for your nail fungus. Remember to sanitize your nail tools every time you use them, and dry them completely before putting them away. 

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