Toenail fungus is a fairly common infection. People of any age can get it. Once they do, it is often very difficult to get rid of. To make matters worse, toenail fungus won’t just go away by itself. As such, people should make sure to pay lots of attention to their feet before they become infected with toenail fungus. But the toes aren’t the only nails to look out for. What some people don’t realize is that fingernail fungus is also possible.

Just like toenail fungus, nail fungus on the fingers on the fingers can also be incredibly difficult to get rid of. For many people, nail fungus on the fingers is even worse than toenail fungus because it’s harder to cover up hands than feet. Wearing shoes is normal, but people generally don’t want to go around wearing gloves all day, every day.

Nail fungus can spread from toe to toe, toe to finger, finger to finger, and yes, finger to toe. If you have nail fungus on your fingers or your toes, you should get treated before the fungus spreads. There are many different nail fungus treatments on the market, some of which are more effective and safer than others. If you need help deciding which nail fungus treatment is the best one for you, you should consult with a doctor who has experience treating nail fungus. The sooner you get the treatment started, the sooner you will be rid of your nail fungus.