Nail Fungus: Polish, Creams, Tablets, Oh My!

Nail fungus can be extremely persistent. Topical treatments like lotions and creams can take up to a year to even notice results. Tablets and pills for treating fungus can be risky, with harsh side effects and liver damage possibilities. Although these pills are known to be more effective than ointments, they come with heavier side effects. Tablets require a prescription while creams and polishes can be easily purchased at any neighborhood drug store.

The problem with a lot of polishes and the mistakes a lot of people affected with nail fungus face is that most polishes are preventative. They don’t help fungal growth if you’ve already become infected. And the reason creams and ointments fall short of a miracle is because the fungus is living and thriving sandwiched underneath your nail and the skin of your toes. Creams and lotions go around and over the nail, they are unable to penetrate through the nail to really target the problem fungus.

There is another common belief commonly heard that by removing the nail and consistently applying any lotions or polishes will remove the fungus. Unfortunately, this is also untrue, due to the nature of the fungus and how infections the fungal spores are, the only way to really kill off any fungus is by using a concentrated heat source set to the appropriate temperature deemed necessary to kill the spores completely. And this can only be done by laser treatment which isn’t covered by insurances due to the belief that this treatment is purely cosmetic.

Your best bet is to meet with one of your local podiatrists and come to the decision what is best for your specific case and what you can afford and how long you’re willing to see results. None of these options are miracle cures and results will take time, no matter which route you decide to go.

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