Unfortunately, nail fungus is extremely infections, if you suffer from a toenail infection the chances you already have the fungus on all your nails is extremely likely even if you can’t see the fungus with your naked eye. The reason for this are the fungal spores, the spores are what makes the fungus so infectious. They can easily travel from toe to toe and even upwards to your fingernails!

Most insurance companies still consider treatment for nail fungus removal to be cosmetic since the majority of people afflicted with this infection experience little to no pain. There are several treatments for nail fungus but the success rates may seem rather displeasing. Oral medications don’t necessarily treat your fungus rather they subdue it. Once medication stops more times than not the fungus returns never actually being cured. Oral medications also come with great health risks and can severely damage your liver. Another option are over the counter medications and store bought medicines but these have the lowest success rate at only 5%. The reason for this is because the fungus is living sandwiched in between the nail and the skin of the nail. Topical medications go over and around the nail unable to penetrate to the root of the fungus. Most patients see little to no success with topical creams and ointments. The last treatment option is laser treatment which has the highest success rate at 85% depending on which laser after just the first treatment. The only downside to the laser treatment is that the laser is costly and not covered by insurance. But if you’re serious about getting rid of your fungus this treatment is your best option.

Be proactive now! Don’t keep thinking this won’t or can’t happen to you, because it can! Very easily too. Keep your shoes clean, let them breathe after a run or workout. Take care of your nails after an injury and use antifungal creams or polishes.