Toenail fungus can infect your nails by making its way through the cracks of your nails and sometimes even the cuts on your skin surrounding the nails. There are several telltale signs of toenail fungus, often times the toenail can change color ranging from yellow, blue, and black, it can cause the nail to become hard and thick making daily maintenance almost impossible, and it can easily distort and directly change the shape of the nail completely. The dark dampness of your shoes are the perfect breeding ground for the fungus to grow making toenails easily susceptible to nail infections rather than our hands. If you leave fungus untreated it can spread to your other nails, hands, and even skin!

Did you know men have a higher chance at developing toenail fungus over women? It can even be a trait passed genetically! It has been reported that the older you get, the more at risk you become for developing the fungus as well. People who suffer from weak immune systems, diabetes, smoke, and are in households where the fungus is already present also run a higher risk at obtaining the fungus.

If you’ve recently suffered from a toenail or foot injury, or spend a fair amount of time in the water, your odds for infection sky rocket.

Take precaution now, be proactive! Never walk barefoot in public, wear flip flops in public locker rooms and showers, and always bring your own nail polish whenever you. get your nails done at the salon!