If you are pregnant and have nail fungus, treatment can begin during your term of pregnancy. However, the method of treatment is important to account for in order to keep the mother and the baby’s health safe. 

Oral Antifungal Medication 

Oral antifungals are only FDA  approved by animal testing for use during pregnancy. These results are not based on human studies. With this, they are then only category B approved by the FDA for nail fungus treatment for women who are pregnant. Pregnant or not, Oral antifungal medications put you at risk of liver damage. When taking these pills, you are recommended to have regular tests to check for liver toxicity. If you would like to learn more about antifungal oral medications, click here

Topical Treatments

Since topical treatments only go on top of the nail they are deemed safe to use by women who are pregnant. The downside to topical treatments for nail fungus are that they offer a very low success rate. It only has about a 5-6% success rate and it takes a lot of time to show any results. To learn more details about topical treatments, you can check out our blog post here

Laser Treatment

Laser treatment, on the other hand, provides a better success rate for people with laser nail fungus. At Laser Nail Therapy, we use the PInPointe Foot Laser that has an 85% success rate, which is the highest compared to other options. Since the laser is a heat source that is applied to the top of the nail, it eradicates the fungal spores within and under the nail.  Laser Treatment for Toenail fungus does not have any side effects. Though the heat might give off a tingly feeling from the heat source, it is safe for pregnant women.