Onychomycosis is an unsightly and contagious Nail Disease that infects the inside and beneath the nail. The infection causes the nail to be discolored, thickened, and brittle. In some cases, it can interfere in wear shoes and cause pain when walking. Successfully treating Onychomycosis is difficult and results are heavily dependent on patient compliance.

PinPointe footlaser is the first clinically proven laser to treat nail fungus in a single visit with none of the adverse effects seen with topical or oral alternatives. During treatment, the laser targets and destroys the fungi without causing damage to the nails or the surrounding skin. Most patients feel only warmth during the treatment.

The entire treatment including both feet requires less than 30 minutes. Although the infection is destroyed, improvement in the nail appearance is seen as the nail grows out in about 4 to 6 months. Clinical Studies show that after a single treatment, more than 70 percent of patients treated experience sustained improvement and new clear nail growth. 

Before you go to the podiatrist to get the treatment done, make sure to remove nail polish and clip your nails as short as possible. If your nails are too thick, the doctor will use a debridement machine to file down your nail to a normal thickness. This can increase the effectiveness of the laser treatment. 

After the PinPointe laser is used to remove the fungus on your nails, new nails should grow normally. You would see gradual improvement from the root as your nails are growing. To see full results, it can take about 6-9 months or over a year depending on how fast or slow your nail grows.

To prevent re-infection, the doctor will go over post-treatment care with you. Some post-treatment instructions include getting rid of old running shoes or washing them with bleach, wearing slippers in the gym shower, and applying antifungal solutions to protect your nail.

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