Nail Fungus Treatments

It’s easy to get your nail infected with fungus. You can easily catch a fungal infection in moist places like the pool area, gym locker rooms, or even in your sweaty socks. When your nail gets infected, they will become deformed and discolored. What’s difficult is treating your infected nail. It’s difficult because the fungus goes through and under the nail. There are different ways to treat nail fungus: Oral and topical medication, surgery, and laser treatment.

A doctor may prescribe oral antifungal drugs such as Lamisil and Sporanox that would need to be taken in a certain period amount of time. These medications may come with side effects like a skin rash or even liver damage. There are also topical treatments like medicated nail polish or nail creams. These topical treatments take a longer time to cure the infection and may harm the skin around your nails. For severe infections, some doctors may suggest nail removal.

Laser Treatment is the easiest and most efficient way to cure nail fungus. The laser would penetrate beneath the nail and kill the fungus that infects the nail. It only requires one treatment and does not come with any pain nor side effects.

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