Oils that help with Ingrown Nails

Natural/home remedies are more popular than ever before. People love the idea of holistic treatment, organic remedies, do it yourself options, and we definitely understand. After some research, we found that there are many different oils that have been known to help with treating ingrown toenails. We have indicated a few of them below as well as how to use them.

White flower oil is one that is not commonly heard but it has several properties that not only help with alleviating pain, but also helps with disinfection and fighting off infection. It almost serves as a protective shield for the skin and nails. Place a few drops on the infected area and let it sit for about 15-20 minutes. You may then wipe it off or leave it on depending on your comfort.

Tea tree oil is another more commonly heard oil remedy that helps with a multitude of skin issues due to its antiseptic properties. These properties help get rid of the bacteria that is most likely causing your ingrown nail. Note that this oil is on the stronger side so it is important to only use a few drops. Place a few drops on the infected area, wait about 10-15 minutes if you would like to clean it off, or you may leave it on.

Lastly, Oregano oil and olive oil combined is yet another antiseptic treatment. Many of us have never heard of Oregano oil but it is more common than you think and is an antibacterial that will also help kill the bacteria that is causing the ingrown as well and the inflammation associated with it. Simply mix the two oils and apply it directly to the infected areas. You may repeat this three times a day.

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