Precautions You Should Take – Regardless of The Treatment You Choose

Most medical treatments and surgeries have a set requirements for follow up care. The simple reason is that post care is crucial to not only refrain from unraveling whatever treatment or procedure you had done, but to also prevent an infection or reinfection. The same thing goes for fungal nail treatments. If you have started or done a treatment for your fungal nails, it is important to still take precaution as part of post-care.

  1. You should maintain clean feet and nails. Do this by washing them regularly (a simple shower is fine), and keeping them as dry as possible.
  2. Change your socks/stockings/panty hose daily. Do not wear the same ones 2 days in a row, especially if your feet have the tendency to sweat.
  3. Keep the nails short and trimmed regularly. Your nails should remain short, but be careful when cutting them, as you can easily cause an injury if you cut too close to the skin and create an opening that would therefore allow a perfect location for fungus to enter and thrive on.
  4. Wear sandals around swimming pools, jacuzzis, water parks, and other surfaces that are moist.You should also do this in gym locker rooms and public showers.
  5. If you get your nails done, make sure to take your own instruments with you such as clippers and nail files. One of the most common ways to retract and spread nail fungus is at nails salons.

These are just a few of the basic things you should follow to avoid a nail fungus or prevent from a recurrence of one. As mentioned above, if you want to see results and keep them it is important to follow such guidelines.

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