Fungus lives on almost all surfaces and almost everywhere. With this in mind, there is a small percentage of fungus that can cause infections, such as a fungal nail infection. It may seem difficult to prevent but with a few small tips you may be able to prevent the issue from occurring.

Nail infections are both hereditary and contagious, therefore it can easily be passed from one individual  to another. It is important that if you are living with someone that has nail fungus, to make sure to always keep your own hands and feet clean and dry to avoid contracting the fungus.

Public showers, pools, and locker rooms are thriving with fungi. Since fungi live in warm and moist spaces, these particular areas fit that category. Make sure to wear sandals/flip flops in these areas and not go barefoot.

If you visit a nail salon, make sure that the instruments are disinfected before use. You may also bring in your own instruments to be on the safe side, but of course you must make sure your own tools are disinfected as well. Visit only reputable salons or ones that practice sanitation and cleanliness.

always keep the feet clean and dry, especially if you have frequent perspiration. Also keep the nails trimmed and short, longer nails have more of a tendency to obtain nail infections. if you have a problem with biting or chewing nails/cuticles this problem will surely lead to a nail infection.

When wearing closed-toed shoes, wear socks that help reduce moisture and that help with absorbing sweat. There are special socks with materials and fabrics that help accomplish this.