Having toenail fungus can be very embarrassing. It is unsightly because the toe can be discolored and thick. In some cases, it has a foul odor too. This prevents people from wearing sandals or any open-toed shoes. 

If you have diabetes or poor circulation, you should be vigilant to prevent a fungal infection. Toenail fungus on its own can be very difficult to treat. If you have a weak immune system, it will be easier for you to catch the fungus, and harder to get rid of it.

You cannot avoid contact with fungi because they are everywhere in the environment. You should avoid environments where fungi thrive – warm, moist, and dark environments. You should also keep your toes clean and dry. Clipping your toenails properly can also help.

The fungus also grows when there is trauma to the nails. Nail injuries or nail trauma can cause cracks and crevices on the nail where fungi can attach itself onto and spread. You can get these from a pedicure, wearing ill-fitting shoes, or applying pressure to the nails when running or hiking.

Here are tips to follow to prevent toenail fungus.

  • Wash and dry your feet before putting on socks and shoes
  • Trim your toenails with clean clippers. Cut straight across, not curved. This protects the tissue beneath the nail.
  • Wear proper-fitting shoes with enough space for your toes to breathe.
  • Spray shoes with antifungal sprays or use antifungal powder. This will get rid of the fungus that might be in your shoes.
  • Wear flip flops to protect your nails in public pool areas and showers. These are damp environments where fungi are commonly found
  • Avoid unsanitary nail salons. Make sure the tools that they use are clean. If needed, bring your own tools to prevent getting infected from previous people who used the same tools.

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