When someone becomes infected with nail fungus, that person has the ability to spread it to other people around them. If that same person is infected with nail fungus and spends the day at a public pool, that person is putting everyone else in that pool area at risk. All that the other people would have to do is simply walk around barefoot next to the pool. Any other person who steps in the spots that the first person stepped could potentially become infected with toenail fungus.

It is for this reason that you need to be cautious of the area around the water when you go to a public pool. Instead of walking around barefoot, put some water shoes, sandals, or flip-flops on instead. This footwear will help prevent toenail fungus from infecting your feet. Don’t take this footwear off until you have safely returned home. Public showers are often crawling with nail fungus so you need to keep wearing shoes while you are in these shower areas as well.

All of this information may seem obvious to people who are regular swimmers, but even they don’t usually think about risks in or around the pool. After all, as long as they know how to swim they don’t have to worry about drowning. But they don’t realize that knowing they are capable swimmers isn’t the only important thing they should keep in mind when going to a public pool. If they don’t start thinking about the dangers surrounding the pool, they really could end up with a nail fungus infection.