If I get the treatment offered by Laser Nail Therapy Clinic how fast will it take for thr the discoloration to go away?
Usually you will start seeing results after about three months or longer. It depends on the rate of growth of your nail; you will see results only once your healthy nail will grow out and push the yellow nail away.

Does Laser Nail Therapy Centers offer any guarantees?
Nothing is certain in real world medicine. We cannot the response for each individual treatment, and cannot control the patients compliance with post treatment care to prevent re-infection with the fungus. Laser Nail Therapy centers do not offer a guarantee or any warranty. Medicine is based on evidence and statistical data. The success of a treatment is based on the statistical results from research and experiments. Unfortunately not everyone can be cured, but we can assure you that we will do our best to improve your odds.

What are the payment options the Clear Nail Laser Centre offers?
Anything goes. You can pay by credit card, check, debit card, upfront, per treatment. You can have a payment plan where you give some post dated checks or leave your visa number and we can put a specific amount on it every month. Whatever works is fine. There are also companies that finance medical procedures and if that is the case with you, we can give you that information. Generally you get approved over the phone and then work out financing with them. They generally charge slightly less than 10% interest rate. If you finance a treatment over a period of four years, it will cost you the amount of a cup of Tim Horton’s coffee a day to do, which is inexpensive.

How would you define or describe “healthy toes” or “healthy nails”?
Healthy nails are not too thick and are have do not have discoloration.