There are many places in your home where fungal spores are hiding out, lurking until such a time they can infect you and cause nail fungus. Below are some ways in which you can try to rid your home of nail fungus, and increase your chances of protecting yourself and your family from nail fungus: 

  1. Clean your carpets: Fungal spores love to live in the dark pockets of your carpet, and especially thrive if they are ever moist for any reason. When you walk on your carpet, you may catch nail fungus from it. You should therefore routinely clean your carpet with carpet cleaner, and may benefit from having it deep-cleaned once in a while. 
  2. Use house slippers: When you wear your outdoor shoes in the house, you are dredging in a world of dirt and germs. This includes fungal spores which will ultimately cause nail fungus. However, if you walk totally barefoot you are exposing your feet to the stray fungal spore that may have somehow come into your home. The best course of action for hygiene, health, and preventing nail fungus is to have designated shoes or slippers to wear at home. 
  3. Disinfect devices: Computer screens, keyboard, and ipads collect a huge amount of germs, including possibly fungal spores that can cause nail fungus. You should regularly clean and disinfect these items, as well as TV remotes, which are also held by many sets of hands. 

If you have caught nail fungus from inside or outside of your home, contact us today to schedule a free consultation to evaluate your with one of our doctors to evaluate your symptoms of nail fungus at one of our over 120 locations nationwide.