Risk Factors involving Nail Fungus

Nail fungus can come in many forms, can attack people of all ages, and can target one area or multiple areas of the body. However there are ways that make you more of a prime candidate for the infectious disease. Below are just a few ways and risk factors that will cause this:

Age. Although fungi do not discriminate against age, the older you are the more likely you are to develop one. This occurs more commonly in elderly adults 50 and above. This is due in large part to decreased blood flow, reduced speed of nail growth, and more years spent exposed to fungi.

Perspiration. Sweat and clammyness are just the place fungi like to thrive off of. Make sure to keep feet as clean and dry as possible at all costs.

Men. Interestingly enough men are more likely to develop a nail infection than women. Why? This is most likely due to certain professions and sports. Women also have fewer sweat glands than men, so this definitely increases their susceptibility.

Humidity. Humid environments cause a moistening in the air and atmosphere around it. Jobs like bartending or dish washing or housekeeping will make your hands warmer and give light for fungi.

Communal areas. Swimming pools, showers, jacuzzis, locker rooms, gyms, etc. all have bacteria and fungi thriving off their surfaces since they are both moist and warm. Do make sure to wear flip flops or sandals when walking in these areas.

Shoes. Poorly fitting shoes will cause the nails to cram (if shoes are too tight) or hit against the shoe repeatedly (if too big). This causes trauma to the nail, therefore causing an inflammation, therefore causing lack of blood flow, and finally an infection known as nail fungus.

There are several other risk factors to be weary about however some are uncontrollable such as hereditary fungus, diabetes, psoriasis, and other predisposed diseases that weaken the immune system. Be weary of these locations and conditions that can cause a fungal infection. And remember to always keep hands and feet as clean and dry as possible!

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