Risk Factors

When it comes to fungal nails, many people’s first thought after diagnosis is “how could this have happened to me?” Others may have had an idea that this could have been a possibility and are instead just disappointed in themselves. Whatever the case is, there are a number of ways that you could have obtained the nail fungus; it could be due to one or multiple reasons.


Nail fungus is something that is carried in the bloodstream, which makes it hereditary, and often if in the family history, you are susceptible to developing it as well.


It is more common for fungal nails to occur in elderly individuals, however this does not mean younger individuals cannot get nail fungus.


Have you recently dropped something on your toe? Slammed the door on your finger? Stubbed your toe? Hit the soccor ball at the wrong angle and hurt yourself? These are all related to trauma caused the nail, which therefore causes a nail infection to occur. When trauma is caused to the nail it messes with the blood flow in the hands or toes, which causes a clot to form, proceeding in a nail infection.

Public surfaces

Gym locker rooms, public showers, swimming pools, jacuzzis, and other floor surfaces shared with others all carry the potential have a fungal infection. Since fungi thrive off of warm and moist surfaces, they will easily be found on such surfaces and attach to anything making contact with that surface, case in point, your foot.

Warm areas

If you have frequent perspiration, you are likely to have developed this problem, especially if you wear closed toed shoes. Your feet are sitting for hours on end in your enclosed shoe and/or sock as well, leaving them wet and no room for air. This is where fungus causing spores grow and sit.

Tight fitting shoes

Make sure to wear shoes that are not too tight or too loose. If too tight you are putting pressure on the toes and nails to develop an infection. If too loose your foot is being hit back and forth against the surface of the shoe, this is a constant trauma.

Poor Health

Lastly, if you have a health condition that reduces your immunity, this could be a reason for a fungal nail infection. It is difficult to fight off any sort of infection, virus, or disease when you have poor immunity. This is more common in diabetics.

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