Salt, The Magical Ingredient

Salt has been found to be an at home remedy for a number of things these days; sore throats, the healing of wounds, a disinfectant, and even a stain remover. Although sodium is a strong chemical and bonds easily, the chances of it working as a solution for the above issues and others is 50/50 chance. Now, we have found that some individuals have found salt to help kill toenail fungus.

In terms of killing the nail fungus, salt is said to get rid of toxins and helps improve the overall health of the toes and nails. You may try this method and will simply need a mini tub, foot basin, or anything large enough to soak your feet in as well as Epsom salt. Begin by adding warm water to the tub, enough water that would cover the feet entirely once placed in. Proceed by adding 2 cups of the Epsom salt then stir the salt into the water until it thoroughly dissolves. Finally, you should soak the feet for about thirty minutes. You may repeat this process daily until you see the fungus clearing.

Since salt absorbs moisture, you may notice your feet drying more than usual. To prevent this from happening it is also important to moisturize after each soak.

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