Steps to prevent reinfection of your toenails

Even if you currently have healthy feet or you have treated your toenail fungus, there is always a possibility to infect/reinfect yourself to fungus. The best thing you can do is learn how to avoid developing a new fungal infection. It is not hard to keep fungus away from your toenail. Let’s get started!

  1. Keep your feet dry and clean

Wash feet every day with soap and dry them very well afterward. When you dry your feet, get in between your toes as well. Fungus develop in moist so drying your feet is very important!

  1. Try not to walk in barefoot in public

The fungus can easily spread from person to person. Make sure you wear flip-flops around public pools, locker rooms, and showers.

  1. Change your socks and shoes often

Change your socks every day and try to switch between your shoes often so your shoe can take a break. If your feet sweat when you walk or run, change your socks and shoes as soon as you can.

  1. Choose the right shoes for you

Wearing shoes that tighten your feet or toes will make a favorable environment for fungi, such as hot shoes and socks, or abnormal nail development. Make sure your feet have room to breathe when you pick shoes. Also, socks made of a synthetic fiber can pull moisture away from your feet better than cotton or wool. This is called wicking.

  1. Keep your toenails short and straight.

Don’t cut your nail too short or arch-shaped. That will increase the risk of nail infection.

  1. Use foot powder

Some people like cornstarch but it’s better to use a medicated powder. Use foot powder after you clean shower and dry your feet. I can help to protect your feet against fungus.

  1. Sanitize your tools

Sterilize your nail clippers, files, and scissors after using them. You can use alcohol to clean those tools.

  1. Let your nail breath sometimes

Wearing nail polish or nail tips can sometimes trap moisture, that makes perfect conditions for fungus to thrive. Give some air to your nails.

  1. Be careful with choosing a nail salon

Choose a nail salon that is licensed and hygienic. Check if they sanitize all their tools after each customer, or you can even bring your own tool.

  1. Use an anti-fungal product

Even if you get treatment before, you may reinfect yourself. Use proper products to protect your nails from fungus. You can easily find anti-fungal product by clicking “shop” on the top tab of our website!

  1. Keep an eye on your feet and toes

If you see changes in nail color and thickness, don’t hesitate to see the doctor. It is always good to find your nail fungus in early stages, before you spread the fungus to other nails or other people.

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