Stop Fungus Before it Worsens

Do you notice a change in your nails or feet? A discoloration? A foul smell? Distorted shape? Some lumps and bumps? Well, you may be on your way to developing a fungal infection. Toenail fungus and Athlete’s foot often go hand in hand, so if you have one you are likely to have the other, and if you do not already have both then you could potentially develop it. Both are common infections that occur mostly in individuals of older age, athletes, and those who work frequently in warm and moist environments.

The best way to avoid the infection from beginning is to be aware of your surroundings. Avoid swimming pools and Jacuzzi areas without wearing sandals or flip flops. Same thing goes for gym locker rooms or public shower areas. Also, be weary of places like nail salons, especially if they do not disinfect their instruments after each patient. If you have sweaty feet, we recommend to wash your feet and dry them as often as possible. Wearing the right material of socks would also be helpful, as some socks cause more perspiration than others. Lastly, if you work in an environment where your hands and feet make frequent contact with water, try to keep them as dry as possible thereafter or wearing gloves.

To stop a fungal infection in its tracks visit a specialist, either a podiatrist or a doctor and get their opinion. If they see that it is in fact an infection they will likely prescribe you a medication. Most of the time doctors will prescribe a topical cream or oral medications. Laser treatment is also a more recent option that is provided to patients, however not all doctors offer that service.

If you notice a fungal infection beginning or want to take precaution, you want to be sure to address the issue in real time. Waiting for it to get better on its own does nothing but simply worsen the situation.

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