Symptoms of a Nail Fungus Infection

Do your nails look unusual? If so, you may have become infected with nail fungus. Nail fungus infections can affect anyone. This is why it is important to always pay attention to your feet and hands. You may wash them or put on nail polish on a regular basis, but do you really think about them outside of that? If so, probably not much. This is why people tend to be surprised when their nails start looking strange.


So what does nail fungus look like? Normally our nails are clear, but nail fungus can change that. There can be lots of different symptoms of nail fungus. Many people will see yellow or white spots on their nails. Others might notice a strange odor coming from their feet. Some people will see that their nails have become thick, brittle or even distorted in other ways. These are just a few of the toenail fungus symptoms. Having one of these signs might mean that you have nail fungus, but not always. However, if you see two or more of these nail fungus symptoms, you should certainly get the chance that you have toenail fungus has greatly increased.


In fact, even if you only see one sign of nail fungus you should go see a doctor right away. Feet doctors such as podiatrists would be able to diagnose your toenails and determine whether you do have toenail fungus or not. If you do, they will inform about what kind of nail fungus treatment to use. The sooner you get treated the better. Nail fungus can spread from nail to nail, meaning that your nail fungus could actually get worse than those initial or two symptoms.

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