Many people begin to face issues with their nails but are unsure of whether they are symptoms of nail fungus. This can be a problem because when symptoms of nail fungus go unnoticed or ignored, the infection can worsen over time. So it is important to be able to recognize the symptoms of nail fungus when they arise. So, today we will address some of the symptoms. 

The most common symptoms of nail fungus include thick, yellow nails. As the fungal infection develops, the nails become thickened, and can become discolored to appear yellow or even darker, like brown or black. The darkening of the nail occurs because of the buildup of debris under the nail. The nail can also become brittle and crumbly. Another symptom of nail fungus is that the nail may curl up or become a distorted shape, or even detach from the nail. Others still observe a foul odor. One of the symptoms of nail fungus most difficult to ignore is that your nails may become painful. Some people are able to go years without any pain, until it suddenly worsens to become frequently and unbearably painful. 

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