When pedicure is left on your toenails for a long time, you may develop white spotting on your nails. It is called a keratin granulation – It appears when the upper layer of the toenail (made of keratin) is removed along with the pedicure when you take it off.

When you get a keratin granulation, the best thing to do is to take a “pedicure break” before the symptom gets worse. Usually, you should keep you from putting a pedicure on at least three weeks, depending on how bad your condition is. If you keep wearing pedicure despite the condition, you may experience excessive dryness, discoloration, or ridging on your toenail.

Taking pedicure breaks have other bight sides as well. When you apply pedicure, you have to remove. And when you remove pedicure, you usually use nail remover instead of using just water and soap. The overuse of a nail remover, which often contains acetone, can damage your nails by causing them to crack, dry, and peel.

These unhealthy toenails could be more susceptible to the outside environment, where there are thousands of fungi and bacteria. In order to keep our toenails healthy, pay good attention to your toenails. In order to do that, don’t leave the pedicure for a long time and consider to take a pedicure break once in a while.