The Antifungal Diet

So what exactly is the antifungal die and what can it do for you? The Anti-Fungal Diet claims to help get rid of your body’s fungal parasites which can cause diseases. It is possible for certain fungi to enter your system through food, water, air, and even something as simple as touch. These fungi can produce toxins within the body which can negatively impact your overall health! If you want to avoid harmful fungal growth within your body and system you need to abide by the Anti-Fungal Diet. This diet will essentially starve the invading fungus which will eventually cause the fungus to die off completely. Your body will then heal from the damage allowing you to experience better overall health and wellness!

So what are you not allowed to eat? It starts with phase 1, phase 1 means you will be eliminating all sugars from your diet, all artificial sweeteners, grains, coffee and tea. You also want to do your best to avoid nuts, green olives, salad dressings, anything containing yeast or butter substitutes.

Now that you know all the forbidden food you’re not allowed to eat, what CAN you eat? Eggs are great, chicken, meat in general and seafood. Feel free to have lots of yogurt, natural butter, and fruits and vegetables.

After a few weeks you’ll start noticing decreased symptoms from whichever particular disease or ailment you’re suffering from. Maintenance and consistency is key, do your best to stay on track with little to no deviations.

If you have any serious medical conditions be sure to consult with a doctor or your primary care physician first before beginning your Anti-Fungal Diet! You want to be sure you’re still meeting all of your nutritional needs while following this diet. Better safe than sorry!

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