Plenty of toenail fungus treatment options exist on the market. Toenail fungus treatment options range from common oral or topical medications to toenail fungus home remedies. A toenail fungus home remedy is obviously going to be the cheapest toenail fungus treatment. That is, if it actually works. Unfortunately, there is no real proof that any kind of toenail fungus home remedy works at all.

Nail fungus home remedies will in no way completely get rid of your nail fungus. If you see any kind of improvement at all you are likely just imagining it. At best nail fungus home remedies will just help you keep your nail fungus from spreading further. At worst some of the nail fungus home remedies you might try could actually harm you. Bleach is one you’ll want to avoid for sure.

You may wonder why nail fungus home remedies don’t work. The sad truth is that it is very difficult for them to have much of an impact on your nail bed, the area below your toenails where the fungus lives. In addition, unlike other nail fungus treatments, nail fungus home remedies are not scientifically tested. This means that there is no proof that they can work in the same way.

When people try nail fungus home remedies, they usually either end up doing one of two things. They either give up trying to find a solution to their nail fungus infection, or they try another option. Other nail fungus treatment options include potentially harmful medications, as well as laser nail fungus treatment. If you don’t want to waste your time with a nail fungus home remedy, seek out one of these options instead. A podiatrist will be able to help you decide what kind of nail fungus treatment option would be the best one for you to use.