If you have nail fungus, you’ve probably tried researching the different nail fungus treatment options on the market. Some of them might seem reasonable, while others may put you off due to their side effects or success rate. As you likely now know, there are a variety of types of nail fungus treatments, all of which are tried by people all over the world.

One type of nail fungus treatment that people tend to try first is a nail fungus home remedy. Home remedies are the least successful nail fungus treatments available, but because of their cheap price are probably the most common. Despite the cheap price for a home remedy such as tea tree oil, it will likely just end up being a complete waste of money when it doesn’t end up getting rid of your nail fungus. If you just want to keep you nail fungus from spreading, a home remedy might help, but otherwise you are better off skipping this common treatment option.

Oral and topical nail fungus treatment medications have been around for a while now and have varying degrees of success and safety rates. Topical medications have a better success rate than home remedies, but they still aren’t very high. Oral medications, on the other hand, are fairly successful but people who use them are putting themselves at great risk of harmful side effects such as liver damage.
One kind of nail fungus treatment that is relatively new, but is getting more common by the day is laser treatment. Nail fungus laser treatment is both safe so patients don’t have to worry about harmful side effects. It also has a high success rate and is usually a very quick procedure. If this sounds better than medications or home remedies, give it a try. If you still want to do a little more research, your best advice would come from talking to a podiatrist