After you have seen a doctor and diagnosed for having a toe fungus your doctor will give you multiple options for treatment:

  • Applying topical creams that are applied to the actual nail
  • Topical nail polishes such as Ciclopirox
  • Oral antifungal drugs
  • Laser treatment 

Topical Creams and solutions such as medicated nail polishes and tea tree oils which go directly on the nail offer little to no effect to and require consistent application over a long period of time with about a 2% cure rate. 

Antifungal drugs are slightly more effective but more dangerous in that you must be consistently taking these pills for 3 months, which can do severe damage to your body and liver. Along with these pills, you must also make visits to the doctor to monitor your health while taking these tests with blood tests. After the pills, it also takes 10 to 12 months for your nails to regrow.

Most laser treatments require 3 treatments, however do not completely clear the fungus, as well as the Pinpointe Foot Laser, does, with an 85% cure rate. Laser treatments use heat to kill the fungus living under the nail bed immediately, with no side effects or pain and take up to 30 minutes for both feet to be completely cured. After the treatment, there is no resting period required, and the nail will begin to grow back clear and healthy.