The Problem with Nail Salons

We live in a society that thrives on personal appearance. This is one of the reasons that nail salons exist. Unfortunately, some nail salons have a notorious reputation when it comes to how they sterilize their tools. Many of the owners of these nail salons are aware of the problem yet they continue to do business from people with infected nails. As a result, other customers who come into their nail salon end up becoming with nail fungus themselves.


Nail fungus is a highly contagious infection. When nail salon supplies, such as toenail clippers, come into contact with a person who has already been infected with toenail fungus, that nail fungus could quickly spread to the next person who uses the infected equipment. Unless those tools are properly sterilized following the manicure or pedicure, the nail fungus will not be removed and could continue to spread from one person to another. This is why avoiding some nail salons can save you from a long battle with nail fungus.


This doesn’t mean that all nail salons are like this. Some of them really do keep their equipment up to proper standards. There are even some nail salons that refuse to treat people with nail fungus infections. While it may seem absurd to turn away business, this can be the right thing to do for the protection of their other customers. Of course, the better thing for them to do would be to use separate equipment for these nail fungus customers or tell their customers to bring in their own tools. In fact, customers without nail fungus should always bring in their own equipment to be on the safe side.

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