Things That Could Happen When Toenail Fungus is Untreated

Toenail fungus is a very common symptom among the US, yet quite difficult to treat. Because fungi live underneath the nails, home remedies will not cure the underlying problems and medical treatment is required to get rid of the infection. For this reason, many people tend to leave their nail fungus untreated. Today, we will look at possible consequences of keeping the nail fungus.

  1. Spreading fungi outside the foot

    While most people keep the fungus on their foot, in some cases (approximately 1 out of 25), the fungus spread to other parts of their bodies such as the hands and legs. These migration of fungi are more likely to happen with people with a low immune system, such as the elderly or those who with diabetes or cancer.

  2. Making cracks in the skin

    Overgrowth of fungus could create cracks and openings in the skin that allows bacteria to enter inside the body. It will cause bacterial infection on the site.

Not all the cases will meet these consequences, but there are always possibilities. If you have a nail fungus, we recommend to see a doctor and receive a proper treatment.

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