Fungal toenail infection usually begins as fungus gets in through the crack of the nail. Once the toenail gets infected, it starts changing its appearance. Toenail fungus is usually painless, but sometimes it causes pain and discomfort in your toe.

The appearance of the infected nail differs depending on the stages of your infection:

Early stages (the beginning of the symptoms)

  • Change of the color and texture only

    • Only a part of the nail changes its color and texture

    • It looks like a nail is partly covered by white power, or it has small dull/yellow-color dots.

  • People often consider it will go away on its own

  • Some misunderstand the infection as dry skin

    • Those people try to moisturize the nail, which accelerate the growth of the fungi on site.

Moderate stages

  • Nail starts thickening and brittle

    • It may cause pain on your toe

  • The fungus spread to other toenails

  • The discoloration expands throughout the nail

Advanced stages (fully developed symptoms)

  • The nail becomes abnormally thick and brittle

Since fungal nail infection is extremely expensive and time-consuming to treat, it is very important to start treatment at the early stages. Without treatment, the infection just gets worse. Although it is a subtle change at first, try to pay attention to your toenail more often, so you can detect the symptom early.