It can often be frustrating when you want to rid yourself of an infection and end up wasting your time when it doesn’t work. People with nail fungus know all about this. The time it takes to get rid of nail fungus can really seem like an endless battle. This is because the majority of treatment options on the market take a lot of time to use and require of lot of patience in doing so.


For example topical medications must continuously be used and applied for the toenail fungus to even have a chance of going away. Other treatments, such as oral medications and home remedies have their own problems as well. Oral medications not only take time to work, but the can also cause serious side effects such as liver damage. Home remedies will most likely not have any kind of effect on your nails at all.
One more toenail fungus treatment option you could try, however, is laser treatment. If you do decide to choose the laser treatment option, the fungus will be killed by the laser instantly. In addition, it won’t require you to digest any harmful medications. With all that said, you will still need to be patient before you see the full results and entirely clear nails. While the laser will kill your toenail fungus during the treatment, you will not see the full results until a new nail grows out and takes the old nails place. For this reason you will need to be patient a little longer. Just remember that there is an end in sight to your nail fungus battle.