Tips for Nail Fungus Prevention at The Nail Salon

If you are the type of person who frequents nail salons and enjoy manicures or pedicures, you want to take note of a few things in order to avoid possibility of a nail infection or fungus.

  1. Make sure the salon you’re visiting is highly recommended or a reputable one. In addition, make sure they keep good hygiene by disinfecting their tools and keeping the place clean and tidy. It is also important to note if the  manicurist/pedicurist is using gloves or washing their hands after each client.
  2. Steer away from artificial/acrylic nails. These type of nails will significant increase your chance of a nail fungus. Since you are adding an artificial nail or powder to the nail it is blockading the original nail causing the nails to lose oxygen and can often be incorrectly placed. Gel nails are a more recent trend and can cause the same effects as artificial nails.
  3. If you choose to do artificial nails make sure that your nails and fingers do not show any signs of inflammation. You should also soak your nails in alcohol to make sure that your nails are fully clean and disinfected of any bacteria before applying artificial nails.
  4. Lastly, it is important to not wear the artificial nails for more than 3 months at a time. You should allow your own nails at least a month between reapplication to breathe and be exposed to oxygen and light exposure.

By following the above steps you can be sure that you are doing the best you can in preventing fungal nails from acrylics. Moreover it is important to note that fungus is much easier to prevent than trying to control it after infection has begun. If you have contracted a nail fungus, avoid artificial nails at all costs, as this will increase the infection and cause further harm and damage to the nail.

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