Toe Nail Fungus – What Does it Mean?

Onychomycosis is the medical name for toe nail fungus. This infection occurs below the surface of the nail, and it is caused by fungi. When these microscopic organisms attach to the nail, the color of the nail can become darker and produce a smell that is foul. White marks may also be on the nail. When one toe nail becomes infected, it is probable that it will spread to other nails, as well, and it is also possible it could spread to the fingernails or the skin. This infection should be treated to prevent long-term effects or result in pain that makes it difficult to walk or to work. Toe nail fungus has many different causes. The toe nails are very susceptible to fungi, especially in damp areas, such as public showers in a locker room or a pool, where a person might be barefoot. Another cause of toenail fungus could be a result from an injury to the toenail. Once a nail is injured (split or cracked) it creates an opening for fungi to enter. Physiological problems can also increase a person’s chances of getting toenail fungus. A person who has diabetes or weak circulation is more likely to have this infection. Toe nail fungus can be present for several years without any long-term effects, such as pain. The main symptoms of this infection are the discoloration of the nail (yellow or black) and the quality of the nail (thick or brittle). This creates an unpleasant aesthetic, and many people with toenail fungus report that it causes embarrassment

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