Black toenails can be a sign for a vitamin B12 deficiency, kidney problems, or liver disease. It may also be due to trauma. If you had a recent toe accident, wait for it to heal and grow the color out. If you did not have a recent injury to the toe and your nails are black, consult your doctor.


Nails that are purple indicate a subungual hematoma. This is the bruising under the nail. Nails can become purple due to trauma . the small blood vessels bleed underneath the nails causing the purple coloring. Besides trauma, purple nails may be a sign that your nails are not receiving enough oxygen that might be caused by a circulatory problem.

Yellow or Brown

Yellowing or brownish nails are common in people with diabetes. It may also be a sign of a respiratory problem. If it is thick and brittle, you might have nail fungus. 

If your nails are yellow or suspect to have a fungal nail infection. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with one of our specialists. We have over 80 clinics nationwide, including Bloomingdale, IL